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Geleive hier een bewijs op te laden dat je voldoet aan de vereiste Nederlandse of Engelse taalvoorwaarden van de gekozen opleiding. Meer informatie over de taalvoorwaarden en erkende certificaten kan je vinden via de links hieronder.<br><br>Kandidaten die nog geen bewijs van een geslaagd taalexamen, zoals TOEFL, IELTS bezitten als gevolg van wachtlijsten mogen deze nog toesturen na de deadline naar email-adres

Language requirements Bachelor, Language requirements Master.

If you made use of facilities in a previous study as a result of a disability and you also wish to make use of these during the test, please upload a document here as proof of this. Only if you wish to use these facilities during the admission test or assessment. A number of facilities are provided for admission tests/assessments that physically take place on campus: 1/3 more time when taking the test and/or possibility for an oral explanation. The document must be an official document showing that you have enjoyed facilities in secondary education (CLB report, a certificate from a specialist (not a GP), etc.). Please note: if you have passed the admission test and you are enrolling at LUCA School of Arts, please contact your campus' care coach to discuss education and examination facilities and complete the full procedure.

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